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Hello, thank you for visiting Computer Systems Installation and Repair.  We fix your computer problems and network needs in your home or small business serving the greater san diego. Please browse our site and see all the services we offer, more services are added frequently.

Our belief is that everyone is entitled to have a functional computer and network and understand how to use it or if not, have someone you can trust who does.

Please feel free to contact us at any time during business hours if you have questions. In this fast paced computer age a slow or broken computer can disconnect you from LIFE. Don't let this happen to you, call us today.

Business Hours : 7am - 6pm M-Sa


Basic Computer Help

Basic @ home training

  • Teach the basic fundamentals of keyboard shortcuts, mouse, printer and home use.
  • Teach the basics to back up of data, pictures and audio

Desktop Organization and file transfer

  • Organize desktop and creation of shortcuts
  • Creation of user profiles
  • optimization of boot up and shutdowns

Backup system and training

  • Back up up to 15GB of your data to external hard drive, DVD disc or flash drive
  • Transfer your data to your new computer or other media
  • Install and configure online data backup
  • Connect hard drive to computer, install and configure software to create a backup schedule that fits your needs
  • Create initial backup
  • Transfer data from your computer to a storage device or medium, such as network-attached storage, an internal or external hard drive or another computer
  • Installation and configuration of Backup device software
  • Creation of a Restore Point
  • Includes backup device software

Happy Customer Time

I am a student, and had a paper due in three days when my computer crashed and I didn’t have enough money for geek squad, so I heard from a friend about Computer Systems Installation and Repair. They have excellent customer service, and the tech were able to come out the next day. He saved my computer from a real nasty virus. Not to mention, I was able to get my paper in on time and they showed me how to back up my files. Thank you so much CSIR!


Advanced Computer Help

Personal Computer Setup

  • Physically set up one PC computer system, including the computer plus monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers
  • Install one new software application (software not included)
  • Install one peripheral or external device (device not included)
  • Configure your new computer to access your existing Internet
  • Test your computer to make sure it is functioning properly

PC Optimizing

  • Perform system updates and improve PC speed and performance, including startup and shutdown optimization, Windows updating, menu navigation improvement, quick launch and taskbar cleanup and program shortcut creation
  • Enable basic security functions, including antiphishing and pop-up blocking activation in Internet Explorer
  • Remove unwanted programs
  • Create desired user accounts (if applicable)
  • Test and verify PC hardware and software functionality

Wired/Wireless Network setup

  • Set up and configure wireless router
  • Network up to computers/components
  • Install and configure a networking adapter on additional components
  • Ensure all equipment works properly and demonstrate how to use File and printer sharing Media sharing Printer connection
  • Enable network security Internet configuration and physical setup
  • Network and Internet connectivity repair (reconfigure and reconnect)
  • Add an additional device

Virus/Spyware Removal

  • Troubleshoot 1 computer using various removal tools
  • Remove all viruses, spyware, malware and rootkits on the computer
  • Repair any operating system issues (boot issues, blue screens, etc.)
  • Apply system tweaks and modifications
  • Perform operating system critical updates Test operating system for proper functionality
  • Provide you with an estimated cost for hardware repair(s) or upgrade(s) needed to provide a complete solution

More Happy Customers

I recently, I have been really into computers and my only problem was setting up my network. I have a buddy who recently had a party at his home, and I noticed what a great secure network he had set up. For example, he had  set up his kids computers, laptops, televisions, and office computer together so they could share files. I asked him who set all this up for him, and he said he called Computer Systems Installation and Repair. He said the guy who came out was helpful and he made sure everything was perfect and the set up was the way he wanted. I called them the next day and they were out a few hours later and now my network is set up better than my buddies, I didn’t tell him that though! Thanks CSIR!!!!!!!!!!!


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